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State Line Supply Company

Established 1900


Services at State Line Supply Co.

Learn about all of the services that we offer

This page will bring you up to speed on all of the services we have to offer here at State Line Supply Co. If you have any questions, any member of our team would be happy to answer any and all questions you have. 

State Line Supply Co proudly offers the value added services and equipment listed below. If you have any questions or special needs, simply give us a call.

  • Haas VF1 and VF4 Vertical Mills

    • VF1 has a 16" x 20" table​

    • VF4 has a 20" x 50" table

  • Haas TL2 Tool Room Lathe

  • 4 Automatic indexing saws for production working consisting of:

    • 3 Amada saws:​

      • 2 Amada HFA400 with 16" x 16" capabilities

      • 1 Amada HFA530 with 20' x 20" capabilities

  • 1 Hemm VT130HA Mitre Saw with 18" x 18" capability

    • Can cut up to 45 degree mitres

Metal, Steel Services & Products Available

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Machining, Cutting. Shearing. Plate Burning. Parts. 

Machining Services

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Machines used:​

  • HAAS VF1 Vertical Mill

  • HAAS VF2 Vertical Mill

  • HAAS TL2 Tool Room Lathe

We have some of the best machining equipment that you can find on the market today. We are able to handle all of your machining needs.

Cutting Machines and Capabilities


Machines used:​

  • 2 Amada HFA 400 Saws With 16" x 16" Capabilities

  • Amada HFA350 With 20' x 20' Capability

  • HEMM VT130HA Mitre Saw 

We have a plethora of machines available for fulfilling any and all custom cutting orders you or your company may have. 

Shearing Services

Machines used:​

  • Steelweld Shearing Machine

 Our plasma cutters are able to perform straight cuts up to a 1" plate. Additionally, our oxyfyel torches can cut up to 1 1/2" plates. 

Value-Added Plate Burning Services

Machines used:​

  • Hypertherm Powermax 85 Plasma Cutter

  • Oxyfuel Torches

  • Burn Table

  • Scat-Blast Sand Blaster

Our plasma cutters are able to perform straight cuts up to a 1" plate. Additionally, our oxyfyel torches can cut up to 1 1/2" plates. 

Delivery Options

Orders of $125 or more are delivered for free.*

Prompt & Reliable Deliveries

State Line Supply endeavors to maintain flexible delivery schedules based on geographical areas and order volumes to accomplish this goal. Understandably, special orders, backorders, and processed items may take longer. We invite you to call and discuss your delivery needs with our account managers at 800-333-7572. The better we understand your needs the better we can serve you!

Special Deliveries & Requests

State Line Supply will work with you to ensure your special delivery will be delivered promptly and reliably. Special delivery requests are possible and welcomed! Again, please contact any of our Account Managers who will do their best to accommodate your needs.

*Due to the fluctuations in fuel prices, our orders do carry a nominal fuel surcharge. Multiple orders delivered on the same truck will carry only one surcharge. This charge is subject to change as the market conditions vary. Orders less than $125 will carry a delivery charge based on your location.

Product Protection

We understand that you have to work with your material after delivery. Loads are always covered with tarps during inclimate weather to protect your products during delivery.

Pick Up Service

Customers are welcome to pick up their orders on their own trucks at any time. Walk-in orders are also welcomed and if possible, will be prepared while you wait. Please allow some lead time for cutting or processed orders.